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Asmodeus is going alpha 2the blog of twothirds.fr

About a month ago, we published the first version of our search engine called Asmodeus.

Asmodeus was still in alpha and we are constantly improving this website. We want this website to be perfect and this is why Asmodeus has now reached the status of “alpha 2”.

There is still a lot of work to do, but you can check the huge changelog for this alpha 0.2:

  • You can now see and add an editor or a developper to every games.
  • You can now see and add a link to where you can download, play or buy a game in each game pages.
  • The official forum are opened.
  • You can now add up to six medias to a game entry.
  • You can now add Youtube videos as media to a game entry.
  • You can now see your profile page, where you will see which entries you put and your user score. Your user score is used to determine which user is active on the website. A more active user will have more impact when he describes a game entry by adding criteria to it.
  • You can now browse our catalog and see which game has been added to our database.
  • The graphic design of the website has been improved.
  • You now need to add at least five criteria before being able to add a game entry.
  • You can now use the search engine by desactivating our default options “recent games” and “unknown games”. Useful for sorting which type of game you want!
  • You can now see the five latest game entries added to our database in the “Newest submissions” section.
  • You will now receive an email when your game entry has been published.
  • Also, some various bugs have been fixed.

Asmodeus is getting more and more functionnal. What we need now to get the search engine more and more relevant is getting more and more game entries, more and more criterion describing the games inside our database. The more players will use Asmodeus, the more this tool will be useful!

Share this project! Improve it! Talk to other fellow players! Show them what we want to do with Asmodeus!

And what we want with Asmodeus is being able to answer to the question “What should I play right now?”

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