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We paused the development of Music Festival Tycoonthe blog of twothirds.fr

Budget. Always, budget. Money is the sinews of war and we won’t be able to fight anymore without resources.

During the development of our latest project Music Festival Tycoon, we had to use a lot of our time to get the money needed. twothirds is also an outsourcing force and we worked as contractors on multiple multimedia projects to get this money. The good news is that we started being profitable and just started having more budget to use on our future video game projects. The bad news is of course that we lost a lot of work time for our video game projects.


As a consequence, we have to pause the development of Music Festival Tycoon. The pre-orders of this project have not been plentiful enough to make the project at least loss-free. We had to work on other projects as contractors to keep the development of MFT on track. This project is a complex one, especially regarding the art, so we wanted to take our time to publish it instead of putting a botched early access thing on Greenlight. So, we are sorry to say that we won’t meet the deadline of spring 2016 and we currently can’t say what will be the deadline for this project.

We want to focus more on our current outsourcing jobs and more on less complex, more profitable video game projects for the moment. We are lacking too much money and too much time to overlook the situation and if we do, the existence of twothirds will be at risk. Of course, any pre-orders can be repaid if you are unhappy, just contact us and there will be no problem and delay to do so. We sure will make Music Festival Tycoon someday, the problem is that project takes too much time and too much money to be finished for the moment.

But we will finish it.

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