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Some news from us and a new version for our websitethe blog of twothirds.fr

Yes, it has been nearly six months since we posted something on our blog but here we are!

People following us on our Facebook page could more easily stay up to date because we have been way more diligent there than posting on this very blog. As we said when we had to pause the development of Music Festival Tycoon, we had to reinforce our outsourcing activity, manage our past customers and find other new ones. During these six months, we had to take action on a few web development and consulting missions. We also managed to create a small network around us of small companies and freelancers with which we have worked and will be working with. Among them, the excellent TerraLuna Studios, the illustrator Amy Baniecki and a few more american, brasilian and chinese freelances.

Also, a really interesting event for us was the Videogame Economics Forum 2016 which was proposed by the french Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo. This event was really enriching in terms of meeting people from the small (yet compelling!) french video game industry. We advise every professional to attend this event.


But now that everything calmed down on this part, we took the opportunity to update our website. Here is version 5, a more pure version and more directed to the questions we usually receive: who are we? What do we do? How game developers can be useful to my company? This question will even be the object of a future article in this blog, given how much we run into it!

These last weeks, we started a few in-house projects, especially gameDev.4sl which will make possible for video game developers to sell their unfinished video game project in anauction for other developers to finish. All the work put into the creation of a video game will then never be wasted if the project is not finished, given the automated intellectual property transfer provided by the website. This will allow a video game developer to easily embrace the idea behind a video game project and finish the job. The reception was really good, especially in the indie video game development community. This project is still on track, just like many others we got. Unfortunately, we lack the time to work on them and our clients are our main priority.

But don’t worry, Music Festival Tycoon and gameDev.4sl are our most advanced projects and they only need a few more resources to be completed! As soon as we get a pause in our outsourcing activity, we work hard on them!

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