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Thomas Gainant is running the company "twothirds", which is a software and multimedia development company based in Bordeaux, France. This company allows him to deploy his skills as a freelancer and we have had multipe experience in video game, software and web development. We offer our skills in these fields as an effective outsourcing force for your projects.

We are experts on the Unity3d technology with multiple video game projects and interactive apps published, all as in-house projects and also contracts for our clients.

Former Android Java developer and web developer with PHP, turned specialist in real time software and video game creation on Unreal Engine and Unity3d, Thomas Gainant managed to build around his activity a solid network of other offshore freelancers who can help the creation of video game projects and other advanced real time software.

Artificial intelligence, high performance and 3D graphic visualisation are inevitable aspects of the creation of a video game, which can be applied to your software projects and your needs.

The technologies and languages on which we are the most at ease are Unity3d, C# (.NET/Mono), PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Unreal Engine, Java and C++. We have multiple years of experience in all those technologies and languages, including in an international environment.

We are experts in the following technologies:


We have worked for all these different entities.


Le Bal des Bobards

Le Bal des Bobards

Satirical 2D browser game created on Unity3d in response to the different 2016-2017 primary elections in France.

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Free time management (punch clock) and basic accounting software created with C# .NET

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Shapeless Dungeon

Shapeless Dungeon

Video game created in 48 hours during the #35 Ludum Dare while teaming up with Thomas "Bahototh" Finholm.

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Shapeless Dungeon


Online gambling game created for a client, using the Canvas technology with Stratiscape.

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stock.place logo


Storage management wep application, used as a demo and in continuous development.

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Wacky Docks! logo

Wacky Docks!

Mobile game for Android, created in two months and a half in C# with the game engine Unity3d.

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Announcing Music Festival Tycoon

We at twothirds are most pleased today to publicly announce our current project, on which we have been working for a few months. It is “Music Festival Tycoon“, a music festival simulation video game which we planned to release in spring 2016. The objective of this game is to skillfully manage music festivals that are getting […]

Published on 2015-12-16 at 9:53 am

Our online shop and message boards are opened

We are pleased to announce you that we are opening our online shop for our future games. On this online shop, you will able to open an account, to buy our games and to download your purchased games. This online shop can be found here: http://twothirds.fr/shop With opening this shop, we are also opening our official message […]

Published on 2015-12-15 at 16:22 pm

We entered a business incubator

We are pleased today to announce you that twothirds has reached a higher step in its growth as we entered the business incubator “Couveuse Altitude 33“. This incorportation allows us to finally reach a stable legal status and a fertile business environment. The road has been long but we finally finished this task out. This business incubator is […]

Published on 2015-11-30 at 15:41 pm


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