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Sorting our legal status outthe blog of twothirds.fr

Legal problems

twothirds has lately encountered important legal problems.

twothirds was a non-professional project of what would later become a professional and totally legal entity. Some sort of long term goal we were working on during our week ends, breaks and holidays. Some shapeless creature which would regroup every multimedia related projects we were fiddling with.

During its existence, especially after Asmodeus going alpha, twothirds became more and more concrete. However, without having any legal status, we never got any money from what we did back then, we still can’t and we never spent 100% of our work time on twothirds. We just worked on projects in which we would be passionate with and which could cheer us up in our life. Nothing less, nothing more.

But some of us had professional lives beside twothirds. These professional lives were never fulfilling but we met our commitments in these lives. twothirds never took advantage on what we had to do to get the food on the table.

The problem we encountered is that some stakeholders we were working for learnt about twothirds and Asmodeus. These people took fright and tried to nip the “competition” in the bud. Things got bad because our relationship with these stakeholders were not really high. The way they work and finance themselves has always been questionable to us and we already told them so. As a consequence, getting rid of us would give them a serious advantage.

Some of us were spied on for weeks, even on an off-work level. Some of us were accused of working on their own projects instead of working on what they were paid for. Some of us got fired to be replaced by interns, which is way cheaper in terms of wages, of course. Some of us got even threatened of being in state of “unfair competition”, “frauding” and “moonlighting”. Of course, we never did such “unfair” things, because we never had a commercial activity. We were paid for a job and we did this job. We had passion for a spare time project and we worked on this project. It’s as simple as that. Those obnoxious accusations were just a way to justify our dismissal.

The professional world is merciless, especially in the video game industry, and we sometimes have to work with shameless people who think honor is some vague concept from which one needs to be relieved in order to reach the top.

Yes, we were doing Asmodeus for the sake of the passion. This harmless project, without affecting our daily jobs, could even become profitable to those stakeholders but they handled it the bad way. The wrong way. We sure made some mistakes in not separating our “professional” lives and our real vocations more but they handled it in a really bad way.

But now, times are changing.

Times are changing.

What was just a distant target we couldn’t dedicate our daily life is gone. twothirds as it was is gone: it is not a fuzzy goal anymore. If some people wants “competition”, hell, they should get some. If they were frightened by what we do, maybe that was because we could be doing better than they were. Maybe they couldn’t stand being the people who have the money and not the people who have the humility and sense of adventure required to bring decent ideas. Or maybe they were frightened because we were just having a decent idea in Asmodeus.

Anyway, we decided to let those bad things go and we are taking twothirds to the next step. We are working to get twothirds to be a real company now, not just a project. We want it to be a “company” as a legal sensed word, not just as an “initiative”. We are working to have the possibility to bill people, to hire people and to get full remuneration to what we do. Most of all, we can now dedicate all of our time to twothirds and its inherent projects.

This is what we’re getting through at the moment. Hopefully, for the better.

We will be a company depending on the french law. The french administration is known to be rough but hopefully we will sort everything out soon. We want to create something solid. As you can see, we changed our identity a bit these last months, including the design of this very website. We are also currently working on very exciting projects. We will provide more information soon!

Sadly, we had to shut down Asmodeus. Too many legal unknowns for the moment. We are getting advised about what courts could bring us, good things and bad things included. We hope we can bring the project back to life in some moment. We received some complaints about us shutting down the project. We are very sorry about that. But stay tuned and maybe someday you will have a good surprise about Asmodeus! For the moment, we are sorry to say that this platform has been abandoned by us, the people behind twothirds.


We are on the road again, even stronger than before! If some thought they could kill a competiting entity before it is even born, they in fact created one. twothirds is more and more concrete and will have two main activites: working as an outsourcing multimedia force and developing our own interactive projects.

This “log” will gather every official news about twothirds and its projects. You can also find us on other social websites like Facebook and Twitter, where these official news will be posted too. From time to time, we also like to post on Facebook some news that are not especially related to twothirds but more to multimedia and video games in a broad perspective.

Step by step, twothirds is becoming a “gaming company”. Stay tuned! Follow us!

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